Ballot Measures Explained

If you’re wondering about the upcoming 10 ballot measures, here is my take. I was interviewed on the Facts TV with Mike Austad recently and we covered all 10 issues.

Here’s the voter guide by Dakota Voter covering District 10 candidates and asking them questions about many important issues.
Dakota Voter – District 10

Here are the Attorney General Explanations, as well as the Pro/Con on each ballot measure:
Secretary of State – Ballot Measures

View your Sample Ballot

About Steve Haugaard:

My name is Steve Haugaard.  I am running for State Representative in District 10.

As an attorney I have made myself a lifelong student of the constitution and the impact that laws have on our life.  I believe South Dakota should be a leader and innovator so we can best serve our citizens and shine as an example for the rest of the nation.

My work is to evaluate problems and help people to solve those problems.  I would like to put my experience to work for the people of District 10.

I would appreciate your vote!

Steve Haugaard 1


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