South Dakota First

I love South Dakota. 

As South Dakotans, we cherish our communities, family farms, ranches, and small businesses.

But our rights, liberties, and freedoms are currently under assault by the extreme progressive left. 

The axis of Big Tech, Big Business, Big Education, and Hollywood have changed our culture dramatically just in the past decade.

Today, large multinational corporations are dictating how we should live, how our children are raised, and what values our children should be taught.

Parental rights are being swept aside in favor of what Big Business, Big Tech, left-wing academics and university administrators, and Hollywood want. And our leaders just go along with it.

Sadly, our own governor bowed to the pressure of Big Business behind closed doors and vetoed a bill that would have protected our daughters.

This is a much greater problem than many of us realize.

Activist corporations are being dictated and enforced by “woke” corporations and their powerful lobbyists. We must resist this attack on our communities and families.

The God-given rights of parents to determine what is right for their kids is being rejected in favor of radical transgender ideology and Critical Race Theory.

Employees are being denied basic medical freedom and losing their jobs for refusing to consent to mandated injections. 

We in South Dakota could have led the nation by calling a Special Session of the legislature to gather facts and weed out the fiction concerning COVID, but there wasn’t the political will or leadership to do it.

Because of the pandemic, governors nationwide are accruing power with executive orders, circumventing the legislative process, and ignoring the will of the people.

In this, our governor has exhibited poor leadership by issuing executive shutdown orders and by misleading the public about her actions. 

We need a full-time governor who is focused on South Dakota, not on Washington, DC— who makes decisions based on what is best for the people of South Dakota. 

South Dakota needs a governor who will not be swayed by the pressure of powerful business interests, but who will fight for our families, our freedoms, and our children.

That’s why today, I’m announcing my candidacy for governor of South Dakota.

If elected, I will put South Dakotans first.

Our people, our family farms and ranches, and our small businesses deserve to have their rights elevated over and above large, powerful corporate interests who neglect and diminish our constitutional rights and freedoms.

The rights of the individual do not stop at the corporate boardroom.

That’s why I’m running.

As governor, I will fight to protect the innocence of our children. 

As governor, I will answer to the people, not powerful interests who sway and pressure behind closed doors. 

As governor, I will make sure that my administration is truly transparent, operating in the open, not beholden to lobbyists.

I pledge to be a governor focused on addressing the needs and concerns of South Dakotans instead of using the office as a stepping stone.

As governor, I pledge to ensure that our government protects our liberties rather than restraining them. We can lead the nation, not by testing the direction of the political wind before each decision, but by being principled right from the start. 

As governor, I pledge to you I will: 

  • Put Parents and Families First
  • Put Small Businesses First
  • Put Farmers and Ranchers First
  • Put South Dakotans First

I ask you for your prayers and your support. 

I need your help to make ours a state where every voice is heard, where government is open, honest, and transparent, where our rights and liberties are protected, and where our children will have a brighter future ahead.