Steve Haugaard Calls for Transparency in Investigation into Wrongdoing by Kristi Noem

Sioux Falls, SD — Representative Steve Haugaard is calling on Governor Kristi Noem to release Sherry Bren, former director of the Appraiser Certification Program, from the non-disparagement agreement signed by Bren as part of her legal settlement from the state. Bren signed the NDA as part of a legal settlement she received as the result of her claim of wrongful termination.

“Next Tuesday the Government Operations and Audit Committee will continue to give attention to the potential ethics issue involving Governor Noem’s daughter, Kassidy Peters,” Haugaard said. “It’s my understanding that they will have Sherry Bren available to testify as to the meeting at the Governor’s Residence where Kassidy Peters was present. Ms. Bren’s Settlement Agreement for wrongful termination included a “non-disparagement” clause.

“I am calling on Governor Noem to release her from that agreement, for the sake of transparency and so that Ms. Bren can feel comfortable answering the questions of the committee to the fullest extent possible.”

Haugaard continued, “When Kristi Noem ran for governor of South Dakota in 2018, she ran on her ‘Four Pillars of Protection,’ and the fourth was ‘Protection from Government Secrecy.’ I would ask her to keep that campaign promise by being transparent about this potential ethics violation.”

Steve Haugaard is the state representative for House District 10 and former Speaker of the House. He is running to replace Kristi Noem as governor of the great state of South Dakota. More about Steve can be found at his website,