Steve Haugaard Calls on Noem to Protect South Dakotans from Biden Vaccine Mandate

Sioux Falls, SD — Representative Steve Haugaard has called on Governor Kristi Noem to support legislation that would protect the medical freedom of South Dakotans.

“Governor DeSantis in Florida recently signed into law protections for employees that will allow them to opt out of the Biden vaccine mandate through medical and religious exemptions. Kansas is the latest state to pass into law such a bill, following several other states’ example: Iowa, Texas, Alabama, Utah, and the list goes on. We need a special session of the legislature to consider similar measures.”

Haugaard continued: “I sent the governor a letter on September 10 asking for a Special Session to deal with this issue. I have not received a response. Governor Noem has repeatedly gone around the state legislature to enforce her whims, but this is too important. Already we are losing members of our National Guard due to this mandate. Oklahoma is another example where they are standing up to the federal government on this issue. Where is the leadership in South Dakota?”

“I hope that the governor’s close ties to healthcare donors and lobbyists will not interfere with her judgment concerning the Biden mandate. The legislature stands ready and willing to protect the medical and conscience rights of South Dakotans. Let us do our job.”

Steve Haugaard is the state representative for House District 10 and former Speaker of the House. He is running to replace Kristi Noem as governor of the great state of South Dakota. More about Steve can be found at his website,