Steve Haugaard Calls on Noem To Repay Taxpayers

Last week, the Argus Leader released a report detailing Governor Kristi Noem’s use of $68,000 of taxpayer money to redecorate the South Dakota Governor’s Residence. This includes a sauna that cost more than $8,100 and $13,000 in rugs—including one rug that cost $4,000 alone.

Then came a report in the same Argus Leader that Noem has been spending millions of public funds on national marketing campaigns, ostensibly for South Dakota tourism, but always focused primarily on herself.

“South Dakotans are tired of Kristi Noem’s ongoing undeclared campaign for national office,” Steve Haugaard, candidate for governor, said.

As for Noem’s spending spree in the Governor’s Residence, Haugaard had this to say, “Like many of her previous pricy purchases, the folks I’m hearing from are pretty steamed up about Governor Noem buying a sauna for herself at taxpayer expense. There’s no excuse for it.”

“Kristi Noem has spent enough of the taxpayer’s money on herself. I am calling on Governor Noem to pay back the taxpayers for this vanity purchase, as well as for the unknown costs of its installation. For someone who has raised over $10 million for her campaign, there is no reason why taxpayers should have to pay for these unnecessary expenses.”

Last week, Haugaard reminded South Dakotans that these purchases are part of a larger pattern of inappropriate allocation of taxpayer dollars, including $130,000 on a TV studio and high-priced makeup kit for her national TV appearances, and $492,000 on a security fence around her residence.

Steve Haugaard is the state representative for House District 10 and former Speaker of the House. He is running to replace Kristi Noem as governor of the great state of South Dakota. More about Steve can be found at his website,